Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

I cannot believe my amazing wonderful, hunky man has stood by my side for 16 years. This year has been crazy, but then again aren't they all. Aren't, is that even a word? If it is, I don't like the sound of it.

Can you tell what we did on our Anniversary. We went to Red Robin and then to the mall. I had been told amazing wonderful things about the guy doing my message. WRONG, not good, I could not move for 2 days and he left my back extremely bruised.
So back to my anniversary. I thought I would share some things about us.
1. We met right before my freshmen/his senior year of high school.
2. We dated for 2.5 years and broke up.
3. I moved 8 hours to get away from him.
4. 2.5 years later he called me out of the blue and we talked for hours and hours. It was a Wednesday morning. By that night we had decided he was coming down for a visit. He came on Friday and never left.
5. We were married the next July in 95
6. He went from reserves to active in Jan 96
7. March 96 we moved from VA to KY
8. Nov 96 I had my first son
9. January 97 we moved to Germany
10. 1997 he went to Kosovo
11. 1998 he went to Bosnia
12. 1999 he went to Albania
13. Nov 98 we had our second son, he was born at 20 weeks, we knew before I delivered that he was not alive
14. Jan 2000 we moved to KY
15. June 2000 we had our first daughter
16. Oct 2001 we bought our first house
17. 2002 he went to Afghanistan
18. October 2002 we had our second daughter
19. 2002-2003 Iraq
20. June 2003 we moved to Alabama
21. 2004 He went to Iraq for the second time
22. October 2005 we had our third daughter, born at 31 weeks after a 5 week hospital stay
23. Sept 2009 he because a Warrant Officer
24. February 2010 we moved to NC
25. May 2010 he went to Iraq for the third time

It seems like I am forgetting a few things. And I bet a bunch of the dates are not totally correct. I have a bad memory.
I love this man so much and cannot imagine him not being in my life for one day.


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