Sunday, August 28, 2011

Miscellany Monday

1. This week we had pictures taken, my teen made it almost miserable. Okay maybe not that bad. She told me this morning she got a few good ones.
2. I know it is wrong but I really enjoy dressing my family up in similar clothes.
3. September is going to be amazing. We only have one weekend where someone will not be out of town.
4. I am debating attending PWOC this year (Protestant Women of the Chapel). It is hard because I think I need the time to socialize with other women. I just cannot imagine giving up a morning of school. But then again to worship with other women would be amazing.
5. Saturday morning I let my kids play out in the wind, while we waited for the storm to come through. Did anyone else think that was probably not a smart idea?
6. We have one more quiet week and then it is time for life to pick up. It is time for AWANA, boyscouts, Wednesday night church, and possibly PWOC. I am looking forward to it and a little nervous about being able to handle it all.
7. Yesterday I attended a baby shower. The topic of house cleaning came up. I said my house is deep cleaned when my kids are grounded and have extra chores. The lady looked at me and said your house must never be clean then. I questioned her. She told me that my children always obey and are never in trouble. AHH that was the best compliment in the world.
8. Today someone encouraged me to teach a Bible study on raising children. I told her there is no way I could/would do that. But the thought of her even thinking I was worthy means a lot.
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Melissa said...

You are sooo worthy. I just wanted to stop by to Thank you for your amazing Godly spirit and support. As I read your comment tonight, I was touched by your sincerity and loyalty. You are ALWAYS there to offer support, and you may not know this but you are a witness without even trying . I aim to be a woman of your faith. So thank you it means a lot to me.

Caroline said...

That is so wonderful that people see your children and know that they have been raised properly.  That's a HUGE compliment and not many parents can say that!

Tiffany said...

What an awesome compliment! 

Mallory said...

I have played in the wind of hurricanes more times than I can count- just don't let them stand under any trees :)

carissa said...

have a fun and busy september!  i'd match my family too, if my hubby would allow it.  : )

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