Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to keep the spark in your marriage

Recently another blog reader asked about how to keep the spark in your marriage. My response was:Take time for one another, rather it be a date in a theatre or a dinner in your dinning room after the kids go to bed. Knowing his needs and want (love language), is a major help. Maybe he could care less if you clean the house but needs hugs daily. Leave love notes, do a bible study together, take those silly get to know you test together
Believing Boldly published my idea on her blog. I totally forgot she was going to do this. I encourage you to go over and read what other ideas there are. Do you have ideas on how to keep the spark in your marriage I would to hear them.
Speaking of Believing Boldly, is that not an amazing blog name. Why did I not come up with something neat like that?


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