Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm Thankful on Thursdays

Today I have a ton to be thankful for. First my husband came home yesterday with workbooks he knew I would enjoy for the kids. He had taken it upon himself to get them organized for me.
I am thankful for smiles. Seeing my children smile is a amazing treat. I pray they always have something to smile about.
I am thankful for facebook. I know that sounds silly but I have had so many old friends contact me. That’s right I just called my friends old. Sorry guys, I hope you still want to talk to me.
I am thankful for food in my freezer. I tried to make a grocery list and realized the only meat in my fridge was chicken and taco meat and fish. At first I let this discourage me. Then I realized how blessed I am that I can go to the local butcher and restock my freezer without much thought. That is something I do not take lightly.
I am thankful for little boys. Watching them run and jump and bump into things constantly makes me giggle. I forgot how fun little boys are.
I am grateful for my little girls. I love how they love to dress up and do hair and nails one minute and the next minute they are doing things like making mud pies in the back yard.



Emaritess said...

I also have a lot of things to be thankful to. First, I got promoted from my day job and at the same time, my little sister hugged me when i got home.

Cassy from Guitar Made Easy

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