Thursday, August 4, 2011


1. Seriously, Dear Mrs. Leasing agency I am not a idiot and when I say that my AC is not working then it is not working.
2. Seriously, telling me that it being 80 degrees in my house is completely normal and thinking I will fall for it is okay.
3. Seriously, It is time for my husband to come home, we have 2 clogged toilets.
4. Seriously, it has been hot and I am over it. I can handle cold but this heat makes me crabby.
5. Seriously, waiting in the drive through line for 25 minutes for food for a friend is not worth it.
6. Seriously, my new van has amazing AC.
7. Seriously I have been wasting my money on expensive air filters for my house when I could have and should have been buying the cheap ones.
8. Seriously, my son told me today he could not mow the grass because he has allergies. I wonder where he learned that.
9. Seriously, why am I setting here typing this instead of changing the sheets on my bed?
10. Seriously, my deep freezer is constantly freezing up and it is driving me batty, I never know how much food I have.



GrumpyGratefulMom said...

I think the answer is obvious.  You're going to have to move into your van.  And we have fallen for that fancy air filter trap before. 

My husband and I also can't mow the lawn--allergies. :)

My_2_cents said...

Hello I am a new fan from Friendly Friday. Please visit me back at My 2 Cents

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Joy Ellis said...

wow.  Looks like you have had a seriously rough week.  Hoping you get that AC fixed soon!  It is too hot to be without one. :(

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