Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Turn up the heat

A day in my life. Today I woke up, well really I did not sleep well because it was hot. I can handle anything but being hot. I woke up at 6:15 to the house being 84 degrees. So funny since it was only 73 outside. So I called the leasing agency AGAIN and said something is definitely wrong and it needed fixed. Yesterday when I called they said 80 was normal in a house.
As the children woke up we ate cereal and did the very basic of chores. The morning was spent getting crabbier and crabbier and the heat rising and rising. I actually had the kids outside at 7:30 because it was cooler outside than inside. At 10am I made everyone milkshakes. They were amazing and I will share the recipe later. At 11:30 everyone went down for a nap. I forgot to do the same. WHAT WAS I THINKING? At 12:30 the AC man got here and said that a calibrator was broken, he replaced it and said it would start cooling off within a couple of hours.
Everyone woke up at 2pm and we had a snack. Straightened up only what had to be straightened up. I spent most of the afternoon receiving hugs and kisses which I love but man IT IS HOT!
I called the AC guy and he is on his way back. I hate it for the home owners. I try my very hardest to never have to call in a repair because I know they have to pay for it. But sadly it is 5 hours later and it is still 80 degrees in my house.
The big kids have done great today; they have laid in front of video games and the TV. The little kids have had sparkly damp faces and been crabby with one another. I feel bad for them because I know they are hot.
I ordered Pizza for dinner tonight. Something with easy clean up. I have been pushing the fluids all day which probably means lots of wet beds tonight. Hopefully the AC man will be here before too long.
I did bring the guinea pigs downstairs last night. So on my dining room table are two very well fed guinea pigs.
It sounds like my hero may be coming out of the field tomorrow. It is really hard to complain about being hot in my house with all the food and cold showers I want when I know he is sleeping here:



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