Sunday, July 31, 2011

Miscellany Monday

My daughter were bright pink/green striped undies under her dress. They were so bright that it showed through her skirt even with her wearing a slip.
I dropped my son off at a birthday party and left for the first time ever. WOW, when did he grow up.
This week I cooked for church. I love cooking for church. I made 2 bags of hash browns, 2 boxes of pancakes on a stick, 2 honey bun cakes, 6 egg casseroles, over 100 homemade biscuits, a GIANT pineapple upside down cake, a ton of sausage and it seems like something else I am forgetting.
I had to make biscuits homemade because when I went to get the grands biscuits out of the fridge in the garage they were gone. HMM, where did they go. Oh wait, they look like vegetable cans and were put away as such. I swear some of them half baked in the garage.
My friend returned from vacation and I was able to return her bird living and non living back to her. I felt so bad but she was super nice about it.
My husband is in the field right now, it kind of makes me mad because it is miserable hot. The first day they had a million (well not a million but more than a hundred) heat issues.
I am in love more and more each day, my love grows in ways I never dreamed it would. God has truly blessed me. There are hard days, emotional days but it is so worth it.
Jerry has started to walk, it is so amazing. First one step, then several steps and now he will just stand himself up and walk. It was funny because on the second day Hope said Jerry stand, Jerry walk. And he would do it, it was so cute.
My cat refuses to stay inside, it drives me batty. If she would just stay in the yard I would not care but she climbs the back fence and there is a major road behind my house. I wish I could put a shock collar or something on her.
My dog loves the fact that my hero was away, he loves sleeping on his pillow. For that matter my kids were excited too because they love to snuggle with me when dad is gone.
Anything new happening in your world, did you have a quiet weekend?
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Rachel @ finding joy said...

LOL about your daughter. It makes for a funny memory.

And congrats on keeping the animals well.  We babysit (or I guess that would be pet sat) my brother's dog last weekend and when he came to pick up the dog (who loved us) I breathed such a sigh of relief.

Have a wonderful Monday!


Patrice said...

Thinking of people dealing with heat in the field puts into perspective how hot the rest of us feel in the summer time, doesn't it? Stopping by from miscellany monday, enjoying reading your random thoughts!

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