Monday, July 11, 2011

Help with housework

Sometimes we have help with the house work. Sometimes that help is not much help. So the best thing to do is just pick them up and let them enjoy the ride.


Nicole Maki said...

LOL. I have help like that too. But mine are getting so big now I can barely pick up my littlest.

Hope you try out the hot fudge cake - it's so awesome.

(a homeschooling mama too)

trooppetrie said...

My oldest is over 6 foot and while i love his help i hate that I cannot just pick him up and swing him around

Mikeandkatie1 said...

Wow!  What a month of joy and sadness all mixed up together!  Congrats on welcoming to new little ones to your family!  And for your husband to be home.  Yeah!

Tammy Wherley said...

I am now following you!  I saw you on MckMama's live chat last night!  Hope all is well!  I have been in the military for 19 years -in the Reserves-one more year and I am out!  Even the Reserves has become a strain my family! 

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