Friday, July 22, 2011

Dear Sitter

Dear sitter,
You were so so sweet to let my husband and I go out for our anniversary.
Grand total you had a 5 month old, 1, 2,3,5,8 and 11 year old here. You fed them dinner. You Got them dressed for bed. Kept them alive. Changed a million diapers.
You chased my dog down the street, well made your husband chase the dog. That was after he came to rescue your kids.
You told the strays (your words not mine) to go back to bed a million times.
You were patient with the child who climbed on the table and refused to get dressed for bed.
You sang to my children, you hugged them.
You did not even loose it when you caught my 8 year old videotaping you nursing your precious child.
You did not call me to come home early. You kindly told me that keeping 5 of my blessings was an adventure.
You even loaded my dishwasher.
You did not laugh when I came home in pain with a bright red from a massage gone bad.
And to beat all you still talked to me this morning and still love me.


carissa graham said...

that sitter is a dear soul, indeed!!!  happy anniversary!

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