Monday, July 11, 2011

Miscellany Monday

1. First, I cannot believe it is Monday. My husband has officially been off work for a week.
2. He is off all week and I am so excited. We are going to the beach for the day today.
3. The boys are really settled in and I loving them more and more.
4. We bought a new vehicle this week. So we can all fit in one vehicle again. It is wonderful to not have to take two vehicles everywhere.
5. My son had a physical last week and they said he is healthy and doing well. How did my baby boy get so big that he does not want us in the room for a physical, how is he now over 6 foot tall. I love my baby boy.
6. My house is staying cleaned up, it is a nice feeling. I stay tired but at least I do not shutter when someone knocks on the door. Now if that laundry would just fold itself.
7. I have three children up so I better get off the computer and get the cooler packed so we can hit the beach.
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