Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our weekend

We have had a busy but wonderful few days. Saturday night we had a friend over for dinner that we had not seen in eleven years. Sunday we had friends over for a cook out.Then last night we took the kids to see fireworks. This means for three nights we were not in bed until 10-11pm and were still up before 7am. I could not wait to get everyone in bed tonight. I love having friends over. I love how other dad's just jump in and allow my kids to jump on them. I love cooking for friends. Although this week I am going to share the wonderful pie my friend brought over. OOPS, she brought two and we kept the second one.
The fireworks were awesome, although half of the time we were hiding in the van to avoid the storm. Tom was not fond of the fireworks and clung to Rob. Jerry reached for them and oohed and awed.
My hero is off this week and next so I may not be around much. We are trying to get every doctor's appointment and check up done. Trying to buy a new vehicle. It should be in tomorrow. A friend is taking family pictures tomorrow evening. I cannot wait. Pamela


lindsie said...

your house was so calm i could never handle it as well as you do amazing you are sm! hugs hugs

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