Friday, July 1, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday

1. The best news I ever received was that I was pregnant, I love children and feel like I am being blessed each time I see those pink lines. Children are a blessing and I will never take that lightly.
2. Something I'm looking forward to is my husband having the next two weeks off. We are shopping for a vehicle that will fit our whole family and just relaxing and loving on one another.

3. Something I would never do is own birds, I am taking care of my friends birds and all I can say is THEY ARE MESSY. We are sweeping several times a day. I would birdset again because they are fun to watch.

4. If I could choose someone to be my life coach (famous or not, living or dead), I'd choose could we combine Beth Moore and Dr. Phil.

5. If I had to put a label on my style it would be survival, I really wish I dressed better. I have begged anyone who knows me to turn me into what not to wear. I am in desperate need of some help.

6. One should always be there to help someone in need .
7. I want to bake, I have not really baked in a couple of weeks and the itch is getting to me. My oven is lonely and calling my name. Sadly the oven lock I bought does not fit and I am too tired during nap time or I just want to take a shower.


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