Monday, July 4, 2011

Military Monday

I can hardly believe it but my hero is home this year. He gets to see the fireworks with us. Even better he gets to drive us to fireworks. He actually took the next two weeks off.
My question today is how do you spend your leave. It seems like we rarely take time off to just be at home. We have some small plans like going to the zoo and to the beach for the day but really we are just going to relax and enjoy being together.


Becky Lowmaster said...

Sounds good to me! We've been running around alot lately, well, me anyway and then making a huge potato salad to divide and take to two picnics in one day then go to rodeo another day....oh my! I'm not working today and am playing catch up but it's been a busy good.  The Ore. Christian Convention was so inspiring the 2 and half days I went so that was the high point of the week. Be blessed and so glad your hubby is there for you. I am sure he just wants to spend time with the family and be home. My hubby loves to be home more that travel. I'm the one who likes to travel! I have the bug but little money to do it! Happy day!

Kristy Stevens said...

Sounds wonderful! We usually spend our leave going to Georgia to see my family and friends. We broke down the numbers recently and its $300 to just go 4 hours to spend time with friends and 6 hours to see my mom. Its depressing and no one comes here to visit and I would love to share Huntsville with everyone.

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