Friday, July 1, 2011

5 Question Friday

1. If you had the opportunity to bungee jump, would you? I have always said I would. I hope I would be brave enough to. I am sure I would not regret it.

2. Would you rather go to the movie theater or to the drive-in? As long as it has popcorn I do not care. I would love to take my kids to a drive in movie. It sounds like fun and they have never done it.

3. Do you have your groceries delivered? I have not, although I think if I found someplace that would I would have it done. Especially when my hero was gone. Now that I think about it maybe not I am too controlling to not look at each brand.

4. Eyebrows: Do you wax, thread, pluck, or stay au natural? Natural, I wonder if I need to have them plucked. I have never had anything plucked or waxed. Oh how scary to even think about.

5. Would the people you went to high school with be surprised by your life today? Oh wow, let me see if I can find a picture. Short skirt, tight pants, did not care about school. HA and now it is long skirts, long hair, and conservative.


dosweatthesmallstuff said...

Hi Pamela, I've found your blog through 5QF.  Am a new follower.

I read what you wrote about your husband and your children, and your love for them really shines through.  What a wonderful family you have, and you're one amazing mother.

Yay to you for saying Yes to bungee jumping!  Not many ppl would consider that, you know :)  And ditto on our high school friends being surprised by our life now.  Funny how life turns out sometimes.

I'd love to have you visit my blog and hopefully follow back:)

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