Monday, July 11, 2011

Military Monday

My husband is home, my husband is home, and my husband is home. I want to scream it from the rafters. It seems like he has been gone a lot of summers. So this year I am really enjoying him being home. Today we are going to the beach for the day. He actually took two weeks off. So he is off all week. It is amazing how you have nothing planned yet everyday something comes up. Today is the beach and I have two doctors’ appointments and then we want to go to the zoo one day and then we need to paint furniture. It is just crazy.
So does your spouse ever take time off for nothing? It seems like when he takes time off it is because someone is in the hospital or we need to travel for family. So this week it is nice to just be about us. I will say one of the things
I love about the military is the 30 days of leave a year. Although I wish he had sick days. So when I was sick he could call in.
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