Saturday, July 30, 2011

Boyscout Camp

Last week my son was at boyscout camp. He loved it. I cannot wait to talk with his leaders and see how he did. He is already looking forward to going back. Actually he wants to work there next year. I do not know how I feel about that. He honestly asked to get a job when he turns 15 and I said NO. If he needed money for some reason I would say yes but I would prefer him focus on school and having fun.
Family night was fun. We did not stay long. Next year I plan on getting there earlier and staying much later.
Hope would not leave his side, she missed him while he was gone and was not about to give away one minute with him.
He even had to walk her to the restroom which was not his favorite part of the day.
A friend let us borrow her wagon. The kids loved it and Grace felt like she was a big girl pulling them around.
We had potluck for dinner. I have not seen that much food in a long time.

A scout is reverant.


Lucy P. said...

Thanks for the sweet comment Miss Pam! Hope everything is going well, looks like a blast :)

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