Thursday, September 1, 2011

5 Question Friday

1. Shoes in the house - yay or nay? No way, I kick them off as soon as my feet hit the door. I cannot stand to walk without shoes outside but cannot stand to walk with shoes inside. But I love socks, fun socks.

2. What do you call them- flip flops, slippers, thongs, etc? flip flops.

3. What song are you almost embarrassed to admit you know all the lyrics to? I got big butts and I cannot lie, you other ……..

4. What is the best quality to have in a friend? Someone who will drop anything at any time and be there to help you. The day my friend Kim brought her baby home from the hospital I called her and said I need you to take Michael. We had lost our baby and I needed to go into the hospital. So her first night home she had my little one year old. That is a friend.

5. Do you know what you want for Christmas? This was my question, you know in case you were wondering. What do I want? Some things I cannot mention. I also want knee boots but will probably never get them. See I have crazy big feet (okay size 11). I bought a pair 2 years ago and LOVED them. Then we moved and they got lost in a hotel room. Actually all but one pair of my shoes disappeared.


Danna said...

I have to take my shoes off right away too. I just don't like wearing them in the house.
I know the lyrics to that song as well, ha ha :)
What a sweet friendship you have. I value that quality in a friend as well.
I hope you have a great weekend!

Ashleigh said...

What an amazing friendship you have with KIm :)

Kathy Hardman said...

Hey, I've been reading your blog for a while (found through Mckmama) and, as a fellow large-footed woman, I thought I should tell you where I find great shoes and boots.  I get really great stuff from, yes, I know it's weird to buy shoes online, but they have really fast shipping for free, and free returns and exchanges, plus an amazing selection of large size, fashionable women's shoes (and in my case wide too, they have lots of wide shoes and wide calf boots).  Anyway, you might want to take a look for your Christmas list. Sorry for rambling :)

trooppetrie said...

thanks, I will look at them.

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