Sunday, September 11, 2011

Miscellany Monday

1. It is hard to set here and write tonight as I watch more documentaries of Sept. 11th.
2. It is hard to watch because I know where my brain was that day.
3. Today I found out that my daughters along with other friends thought the confessional at our church was a secret hiding spot. We go to a Army Chapel so we share it with the Catholic congregation.
4. Tonight was the first class for our financial peace class. It was better than I thought. For some reason I expected him to be mean.
5. Tonight my blessings started AWANA, they all seemed to enjoy it. Grace was upset, she said she feels bad because they played dodge ball and she has never played dodge ball and she was not good at it.
6. This week my husband will be promoted to Chief Warrant Officer 2.
7. This week 2 of my children have dental cleaning. UGG, I just see paychecks being handed over.
8. My boys had a boyscout campout this weekend and had a wonderful time.
9. In case I have not said it before I love my husband. I respect him and am so grateful that God has given him the strength to climb on that plane every time he is told to serve his country. Without hesitation. I am thankful for the way he holds me for days before he leaves and assures me that I will be okay.

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