Friday, September 9, 2011


Conversation #1
Faith: what show should we watch for girl’s night?
Grace: soul surfer (she has watched it a ton and cries every time)
Faith: Soul surfer is not a girl movie
Grace: HELLO boys without shirts
Conversation #2
Grace walked outside to tell daddy good bye. I noticed he was glaring at her. I asked if it was because she was outside in a swim suit. He said NO, LOOK. She had stuffed her shirt so she would have breast.
Conversation #3
Grace: Mom
Me: yes Grace
Mom: why can’t I have big breast now
And if that was not funny enough today I decided to let the girls stay up and have girl’s night since the boys are camping tonight. So I put popcorn in the oven and pop one bag. Then I put in the next bag and turn around to start dishes. All the sudden Hope said mom, mom, MOM. I turned around and noticed black smoke filling the kitchen. The next bag of popcorn was a mini bag and was completely black. OOPS!! Now how do I get the burnt smell out of my microwave?


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