Friday, September 30, 2011

Feeling Beachie

This week’s statements:
1. _Mountain Dew___always tastes better__ice cold out of the back of the fridge. ___
2. I predominately read _Beverly Lewis or Karen Kingsbury books. ____
3. I have brand loyalty to __Pepsi__________ and _you will never find a Coke product in my house.___________
4. When I feel sad, I like to _turn my praise music as high as I can and sing like no one is listening. __


mmbear_us said...

Hi, stopping by from the blog hop and saw I was following you thru GFC but not on Facebook. So I sent a friend request and I also followed on RSS Reader. I would love a follow back on those two when you get a chance. I bet you are already following on GFC so won't ask about that one, unless you think you aren't. Thanks for your help and hope you have a great weekend.


Rebecca said...

I have never read Beverly Lewis but everyone talks about how good her books are. Maybe sometime I'll muster the energy to try her books!

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