Sunday, September 18, 2011


I am combining a couple of things this week. Miscellany Monday and Not me Monday.
This was a great week. My husband got promoted to Warrant Officer 2 which is HUGE, MEGA, AMAZING, WONDERFUL.
So I:
1. Did not find my diva cup right where it should be in my bathroom closet, after looking for it for 2 months. Not me.
2. They did not decide to leave my children standing in the middle of the room while everyone else stood around the room during his promotion ceremony, as if they were on display.
3. I did not notice that there is a hair on the back of my leg that is probably 3 inches long. SERIOUSLY, how do I always forget that spot.
4. It was not me left half a gallon of milk on the counter all night after fussing at her children for leaving food out.
5. It was also not me who also left my last 8 cups of pumpkin on the stove all night, which means I am being wasteful again.
6. It is also not me who started cooking things several times this week to only realize I did NOT turn on the stove. I so need a new brain.
7. I did not smile a little more than needed when I realized my son got urinated while caring for a friend’s 5 year old. He is so funny about such things that this was comical because he did not totally lose it.
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Mckmama- Not Me Monday


carissa said...

it's entirely hilarious to find things after searching forever for them only to realize they were right in front of you.  love those laugh out loud moments!

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