Monday, September 26, 2011

Not me Monday

1 I did not buy lollipops to feed to the kids on the way home from the store so they would stay awake and not fall asleep. Not me, because sugar is bad for kids and makes them hyper.
2. I did not smile inside when I saw my son talking to a girl. Not me because we have said that our children to not date. was not me the crazy organized packer who unpacks suitcases into the dresser in hotels who did not pack enough diapers. It was not me who insisted on stopping at the first drug store to buy a bag of diapers just to make sure we had one for the drive home. Not me because I did not know if we would need it (we did not by the way) and we have 3 cases at home.
4. it was not me who smashed my Iphone in the back of my van and now cannot check my e-mail like I should and totally missed two wonderful bloggy oppurtunities. Not me because I have not had good oppurtunities in a while.
5. it was not me who wanted to take my son on our date during our marriage retreat. Not me because I know that it has been months and will be months since we have another date.
6. It was not me who grabbed my husbands survey at the end of the retreat and answered two of the questions for him. Not me because I know he knows how to fill out a survey.
7. it was not me who forgot to pray for our marriage retreat and then wondered why we spent the first day arguing over stupid stuff.
Mckmama- Not Me Monday


Katrina said...

I never feed my kids lollipops.  In fact, I never give them any kind of candy whatsoever!

and if you believe that's some more for ya:

I did NOT see your link over at Mckmama's blog, and I did NOT come over to say hello.Oh, and did not just follow you via GFC and NetworkedBlogs.  You will NOT see my blog's icon in those boxes, so don't even bother looking for it.My name is NOT Katrinaand this is NOT my blog:They All Call Me Mom

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