Thursday, September 1, 2011

Homeschooling Journal

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…Managers of their home. Make your schedule and then post it on a poster board.

I am inspired by…the fact that my son asking to do morning devotions this morning. I have been in tears all day thinking about it. He is growing up faster than I realize.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…My hero has a four day weekend. We are cleaning out the garage and straightening some things and might even make it to the beach for a day.

My favorite thing this week was…My son praying for our day.

What’s working/not working for us…we need to find time in our new schedule for real cleaning like mopping and dusting. I feel like I have the basics down but would be happier if I had the real cleaning done.

Questions/thoughts I have…Why is my Hope struggling with reading so much. I feel like she has it some days and other days I feel like we are back to square one. HELP!
Things I’m working on…making sure I do not get tired during the afternoon and stop working. I need to find a way to stay motivated while the little ones are napping.
I’m reading…nothing, but on Tuesday I start a new Bible study called Shepherding a Childs heart.

I’m cooking…cupcakes with nerds in them and nerds frosting. I saw the recipe and could not wait to make it. Sounds great for kids.

I’m grateful for…our men and women who serve our country so that I have the right to homeschool and sing my praise music anywhere I want.

I’m praying for…Ian. It has reminded me of that we need to never take our children’s health for granted. I am praying for his mom who is truly being a witness during this time through her blog.
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The Homeschool Mother's Journal


Judy said...

Hello! So glad I've stopped by to "meet" your beautiful family!
My nephew is ALSO a Warrant Officer, currently flying the Black Hawk in combat in Afghanistan. He is deployed from Ft. Drum. Thank you and your husband for your service to our nation!

As for the cleaning issue, it has helped me, in times like yours, to try to keep to a four day "school" week and save that fifth day to catch up on the major chores/cleaning. This allows you to keep up on the little things as you go along each day but not worry about the "big stuff" until Fridays (or whatever day you'd choose).

And with regard to your dd's reading issues...We have 10 kids; 8 still home with us each day. Some have "picked it up" and have begun reading before they reached "school age" and some have son that is in 4th grade at this time really struggles, in fact. However, I have found that no matter what age the reading "clicks" for them, by the time they reach their teen years they are all reading at the same level; generally speaking.
I say all of that to encourage you not to worry. As long as you are sure that your dd's eyesight is healthy and she does not struggle with learning in other areas...she'll get it...when the time is right for her:)

God bless your dear family and I hope that your hero comes home for good soon!

Judy said...

 Forgot to mention, we also have a "Tom" and a "Grace" in our family!

Patty @ Coming Up Roses said...

I LOVE the book, Shepherding a Child's Heart! I read it as a teacher before kids and now use it to raise my own little one! If you have a chance, check out Parenting with Scripture! It's an awesome resource.

Katie at Brighton park said...

I have a large family (5 kids) and a big house. when i finally got the real cleaning down into the schedule was when i gave myself "permission" one morning a week to do just  schooling, no interruptions, just cleaning on the the schedule. it gets done timely now AND when i am homeschooling kids i dont have to feel bad about hosue or vice versa! stopping by from the HMJ linky. blessings to you, katie

Savannah McQueen said...

Nerds and cupcakes, now that is a combination.  I bet the kids will love that!

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