Thursday, September 8, 2011

Seriously Thursday

1. Seriously, how do we keep losing our remote control for the TV in the living room.
2. Seriously, with all the apps out there why do they not make one so I can use my phone as a remote control.
3. Seriously if you have my Diva cup please return it, joke over, I am scared to think what toy it is in.
4. Seriously, I should clean out our medicine cabinet to make sure I did not drop it behind something.
5. Seriously, papa johns when I called to say our pizza is 20 minutes late do not lie and say it has left the building. Only to be told 20 minutes later it was not even ordered.
6. Seriously, Army I missed sleeping with my husband last night, please send him home tonight.
7. Seriously, I have a TON of food storage so why do I not have what I want when I need it.
8. Seriously, bank accounts get your act together and stop spending my money so I can by fun things like a pedicure.
9. Seriously, children I know you do the laundry but I am so tired of you washing the same things over and over to avoid putting them away.
10. Seriously, my little OCD child we have many things in common but if you do not stop re arranging my pantry area I may scream.
11. Seriously, thank you for the cooler weather nights and mornings, I am sleeping better but it is really hard to wake up and get out from under the blankets.
12. Seriously, daughter thank you for washing my comforter after your dog got sick on it, but why did you put the comforter back on my bed wet. Climbing into a cold damp bed is not so much fun.
13. Seriously, this has been fun and I feel better.



Stacie said...

lol - a mom's day is entertaining when it's someone else's.  Hopped from Seriously:-)

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