Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Day One of the Rest of our Lives

Life is changing, it is scary and exciting all at the same time. As I type this post we are driving home. Today my husband signed out of the Army after 24 years.  I am so proud of him and all that he has accomplished. As he was signing the papers he had a extra because all of his awards did not fit on one page. Awards he deserved.  We do not know what is next for our family. Be prepared I am about to get on my soap box. The original plan was for him to start a job in the same offfice doing basically the same job. I was so excited for him.  We would even have a month of double pay. He would be doing a job that he loves and we would not have to move. It all sounded perfect.   That was until the "180 day rule" ruined it. You see this rule that came into effect on December 23 ( okay re established). I encourage you to look it up. Basically what it says is that my husband was okay to go over seas for you this month but next month he is not good enough to have a government job.  Okay off my soap box. I am looking forward to having him home for how ever much time he gets to be off work. It will be weird to have him not in uniform. It will be weird not worrying about a military move. I am so excited to see what God has in planned for our family.  I ask you to pray for us as we learn what life is like as civilians. Pray as Rob works on his disability claim with the VA. I love the picture of my husband on his last day in uniform with my daughter. 


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