Friday, August 20, 2010

5 Question Friday

1. Do you have any nicknames and if so how did it come about? when I was 12 I started babysitting a 4 month old and 4 year old, a year later they had another baby girl who called me goo goo. until this day they still call me goo goo and I would not change it for anything. I love my three babies (okay grown up children) as much as I do my own

2. What is your birth order amongst your siblings? I am the oldest. I had a brother who passed away 13 years ago. I have a sister somewhere but sadly I have no contact with her

3. In a movie of your life, who would play your significant other? I have no idea, maybe Kirk Cameron since he did so great in fireproof

4. What is currently your favorite song? Oh man, I do not know the name but Praise him in the storm

5. Are you saving your money for anything right now? Big or small purchase? no not really, trying to get out of debt. We are trying not to spend any money so we can do more while we my husband is on leave the next month



Ginger Neff said...

I loved Fireproof! Such a great movie. I would love to see more like it. Have a great weekend!


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