Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our weekend

Our first weekend has been crazy busy and wonderfully wonderful. Friday we drove almost 3 hours to the beach. OOPS, I forgot Grace's swim suit so she got a new one. Saturday I made a cake
and then went to a American Heritage Girls meeting. It ended up lasting 6 hours. Yes, I said SIX hours but really it did not seem like that long. Then came home to a messy house and a broken laptop but I will explain more about that later. Today I got up and made a sheet cake. Well really it was a pineapple upside down cake. We went to church and then did a little shopping. We came home and put our children to work. We had a little honesty issue this weekend and alot of disrespect this weekend and this is how we chose to deal with it. This evening I folded what seemed like years of laundry.
Moved 2 desk into
the kitchen so we
can start school tomorrows. Then my husband hung his fathers day gift, a hammock. Then day ended much better than it started. I made sure we straightened up before bed so that we can wake up and start school. I even made two pork tenderloins for dinner (well Rob did) so I will not have to cook tomorrow.
How was everyone else's weekend? Rob goes back to work tomorrow. We are hoping for a short week or at least short days.


Ginger Neff said...

I hope it is a short week for your hubby. Glad he is home with you all. Looks like a fun filled weekend!

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