Monday, August 23, 2010

Not Me Monday

Not me Monday is a great way to get things off my chance.
Not me this week:
I did not get upset when the Dr made me take a pregnancy test because I knew it would show up negative.
Although the Dr made me take this test and it came out NEGATIVE I still did not buy a pack of 2 test and take them when my cycle was late. Not me because I know how much that bugs my husband and I would never do it.
My DR did not totally look at me like I was a alien last week when I told her I had not used birth control in 15 years. She also could not focus on anything after I said NO birth control. Not my doctor because surely this is normal
I did not wait four months to go to the DR for my foot only to leave feeling like a stupid person for coming.
The x-ray tech did not have me stand on the exam table with a broken lock on it. She then did not say “ooh, I forgot the lock was broken”. She knew I was there because I thought I broke my foot so why would she have me stand on a table with nothing to hold onto.

Okay this is my not me Mondays just as quick as my little fingers will type because I should be doing school with my children. WAIT, I would never blog instead of doing school with my children
Mckmama- Not Me Monday


Mommy2Four said...

Oh No! Why on earth would that Dr make you stand when you're there for a broken foot! My goodness!

Great post!

kathleensomuchtosay said...

:) Love this! My doc made me take a pregnancy test last summer, even though I (and he) knew better. I haven't used BC either--we are natural family planners ourselves. :)

Queen Bee said...

Doctors crack me up! They do the strangest things sometimes! I completely understand not doing the things you should be doing, I should be studying.

Kathryn said...

Great post! :) I don't use BC either!

Imcatholic said...

go figure - they never trust women to know their bodies... esp when you tell them you aren't taking bc - they think we are the crazy ones

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