Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Life is Good

I recieved this award from My Camo Colored Life First let me say her blog name is the coolest ever. So how do you pick someone to give a award to. I would like to say all my readers deserve a award. If you are willing to keep a blog going you deserve a award. But atlas that is not the rules. The rules (and you know I am a rule follower).
So this award is going to:
Julie the Army Wife (maybe she will teach me how to attach yellow ribbons to my pictures)
Army wife, Army mom, Army strong, Family strong (because she went with me to my favorite scrapbook store)
Sand Mountain Girl- (can I just tell you her husband has only been in a couple of years and he has already been to Korea without her and is now deployed again)
IT's Twinsanity- because the title of her last post was Welcome to suck town
Day to Day life of a Army Wife because her husband is away at Ranger school and I am sure they could use the encouragement


Julie The Army Wife said...

Thank you so much :) Do you have a photo editing program?

Miranda Ward said...

Hi! I'm from FMBT, If you Haven't Already Please Follow Back


MamaMonkey said...

You do deserve the life is good award! Good it get any better now that your husband is home?! :D

S.I.F. said...

Congratulations on your award lady! And I do so love that blog name!

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