Friday, August 13, 2010

Mil Spouse fill in Friday

1. What is ONE thing you’d like civilians to understand about being a military family? That my husband being deployed is not as easy as your husband going away on business for a week. My husband is in harms way, that I do not hear from him for days at a time, he is not staying in some fancy hotel with room service he is in WAR and it is stressful on both parts

2. What is your favorite mistake? When we lived in Germany I volunteered 40 hours a week, not worked volunteered. While I loved doing it and would not change it. I do regrett that I put my son on the back burned when he was so young.

3. What indulgence could you give up for a year? scrapbooking, Shoot I am almost there. I love it and love the finished products but without friends around to scrapbook with it is not the same

4. If you could be a winged animal, what would you be? a parakeet, because they have them in Iraq and maybe I could be snuck into Iraq without notice and still see my husband when he is deployed.

5. What is one question you’d like to see asked in a future MFF? How do you spend your deployment money, do you save, pay off bills or enjoy the extra money while it is there to buy the things you do not normally have


Yummy Mummy said...

Great answer to #4 :)

Brooke A said...

Your number one made me laugh -- that's pretty much the same thing I said, drives me NUTS! And I like your idea for a question!

poekitten said...

I'm with on scrapbooking with friends! I've become a social scrapbooker and I haven't found any since I moved...and my albums need finishing. Hope you get yours done soon!

Wife of a Sailor said...

I loooooove your future question! Definitely will use it!

mannadonn said...

Oh yeah! I hear you on number 1! I hate hearing about these women who have husbands that go away for a week or so and they are MISERABLE! They could never live my life though...

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