Monday, August 30, 2010

Friend making Monday

This one is really fun because it let's you get to know me more. Here we go:
I like: to try out new things and carnivals on my blog
I don't like: when I am hateful to my husband or my children, they do not deserve my attitude
I dream of: fleas last night, as in bug bites all over me although it has been years since I have been bitten by a flea
I wonder: if I will ever get my act together and put God first in my life the way I know I should
I know: That I serve a risen saviour who is patient with me and there for me even when I neglect him
I went: to Polland to buy Polish pottery way more than I needed to
I have: a amazing husband who is a amazing father to our children
I think: I am the luckiest person in the world and sometimes forget that and forget to be grateful for it
I plan: to spend next weekend ALONE with my husband and talking for hours
I regret: The things I have said to people in the past that may have hurt them
I do: want to be better with school this year and make sure we get all of our goals done
I drink: more mountain dew than should be allowed
I wish: my husband could retire, we could have a small farm with lots of land and spend everyday together
I am: WAY over weight
I am not: anerexic any more
I need: to get my act together and take better care of my body
I hope: my husband does not deploy for a very long time and is home with us
I want: my children to grow up loving me and thinking I did the best I could with them
I always: hug my children and tell them I love them
I can: make bread and bake brownies and feed my family home cooked meals
I work: on my relationship with Christ daily
I cannot: let others come between me and my husband even though it would be more fun sometimes
I avoid: salads at all cost
I will: try this again next week, it is really fun


Jd405 said...

I am so glad to see there are so many people playing along with Friend Makin' Monday!! Its great learn about you!!!

Mom. Nonstop. said...

I hope your hubby gets to stay with you for a while before having to go out and fight again!

Ginger Neff said...

I hope your husband gets to stay home for awhile too! I agree nothing hurts more than to know I lost my temper with those that I love most my hubby and children. Happy Monday!

shortmama said...

I would freak out if I dreamed of fleas!

Seriously Shawn said...

I believe you are too hard on yourself. You are a beautiful woman Mommy to 4 and wife to one of our Nations heros. You juggle a lot, you're busy and guess what God understands!

See you next week!

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