Sunday, August 1, 2010

Homeschool Hop

This blog carnival looks extra fun to me. We have been homeschooling for eight years. WOW, has it been that long.
Since I have a bunch of homeschool moms here, I have to ask. Do you spell homeschool like this
home school or homeschool. When are you starting school and what is your favoite part of getting ready to start a new school year. We are starting one day this week. My favorite part is the boxes of new books that arrive at my house and new crayons. I know I do not need new crayons but they are so much fun.


Homemakerhoney said...

Hello! I'm participating in the Completing Him Challenge, too! May God Bless Your Marriage as you seek to respect your husband today!

Homemaker Honey

Lexi @ Pink and Orange Coffee said...

hmmmmm....I think I usually type homeschool...but I SAY home school. Yeah, that's it...HA!

Anywhoo--I am trying out the homeschool hop through Our Worldwide Classroom. Nice to meet you!

Colleen said...

Love how colorful and neat your blog looks!
I tend to spell homeschool together as one 'bout you?
My favorite part of the beginning of the new homeschool year is asking my sons what they would like to learn about and then, really reflecting upon their ideas and then, trying to incorporate them into something that is cohesive.
Love how you do the letters to your hubby.
Saw that you love moving...
We usually like it as well...we love being in Florida (MacDill AFB) for now!
Well, hope that you will pop by my blog.
Have a nice rest of your week,

Colleen said...

Forgot to add that I popped by from the Making New Friends Blog carnival that Kylie set up...
and that I am your newest follower, too.
:) Colleen

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