Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Day at the Doctor

I guess I should give you a little background. Every time my hero goes away I get hurt. Normally I do not tell many people. A couple of weeks after he left we had a crazy busy morning. I ended up spending over 2 hours at the AT&T store with four children. We stopped at Walgreens on the way home. I have a rule that my kids can have soda on Friday night (if they remember). This day I gave in and said yes you can a soda. So of course they chose the biggest soda they could find. Anyways as Hope was putting hers on the counter she missed and instead of setting it on the counter she dropped it on the top of my foot. I honestly could not breathe. I made it home but do not know how. I soaked it in Epson salt for days, iced it, and elevated it. A week later it felt better but not great. For the last four months it has hurt off and on. Over the last month it has burned. The entire top of my foot burns like crazy.
So after four months I decided I was going to the dr. I get there and they take my vitals and of course my temp was 98 (which sucks because it has been 96 for the last 6 months and I wanted her to realize this). So I go into see the dr and this was the conversation
DR-tell me what is going on
Me- well my daughter……. And it ……
Dr- Are you on any medicine
Dr- what birth control do you use?
Dr- how many kids do you have?
Me- four
Dr- what birth control do you use?
Me- none (I think her head was beginning to spin)
Dr- Okay well we have to do a pregnancy test
Me- okay but it will be negative. It always is (boo hoo) are you doing blood or urine
DR- blood
Me- with tears because I am never honest with the DR, okay well if you are checking that can you run this test and this test because well I never get pregnant and I am tired all the time, I have these crazy weird pains, I lost 12 pounds the week my husband came home without changing my diet, and a bunch of other things. I asked her to do a test for Hashimoto's
Dr- oh yeah we need to do blood work. I cannot check you for Hashimoto's unless your regular thyroid comes back weird.
Me- okay what about my foot?
Dr- we cannot do anything until we have a negative pregnancy test
Me- leaving for lab
So I go to the lab and have blood work done and head back to the doctor’s office. A few minutes later they come out and tell me to head to X-ray. I assume that means I am not pregnant. So I head to X-ray and she asks if I am pregnant. I felt like screaming NO I AM NOT PREGNANT AND I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT SO STOP BUGGING ME.
Okay now this is where it gets comical. The lady who signed me in is the only person there so she does the X-Ray. She takes a bunch and then says okay I need you to stand up on the table.
She said I need you to stand up on the table. So I climb up on the table (in my skirt) and stand there while she takes the picture. There is nothing to hold onto or even grab if I start to fall. She then says okay you can get down and I wanted to scream:
So as I try to climb down the table starts moving like a surf board. She said OH, I forgot the lock is broke. So she comes over and sets on the table.
So I head back to the Dr Office (all in the same building). It is now 4:15 and they close at 4:30. At 4:28 the DR calls me in and says my foot is not broken, that I have deep tissue bruising. So I asked how I treat that. Here is our conversation
Me-so how do I treat that?
DR- rests, stay off of it, ice it, wear good shoes, and take ibuprofen (3- 800 mil a day)
Me- how long before it is better
DR- a long time
Me- so like 3-6 months
DR- no, like 3 weeks
Me- it has been 4 MONTHS
DR- looks at the X-Ray again and then says well it is not broken it will just take a while.
Me- okay they said part of my blood work was back
DR- your normal stuff looks good; all your counts look good. Your blood sugar was 87 which is great
Me- I drank a 20 ounce mountain dew within a hour of the test does that affect it
DR- no it is good
Me- okay thanks
So I left feeling like I had just wasted the last 3 hours of my life. I am going to take half the ibuprofen and wait two weeks and if it still burns like this then I am going back. Maybe by then the rest of my blood work will be done. They do not call you unless something is wrong.
What is your thought? I think her brain shut down as soon as I said I do not use birth control.


MurdocksMama said...

Ah man! I thought it was going to end with a little..I was wrong..I AM pregnant! :) That is just crazy...I don't think I would have been as relaxed as you about the whole process!

Mikeb65634 said...

Pam this is outrageous but not shocking. I def think we need the medical community-of course, but we must be informed consumers, even when it comes to medicine and OUR health. FIRST lie you were told that unless your TSH isn't right (thyroid) THEN they test for Hashi's??? uh yea,,,and THAT is exactly why I was in the situation I was in. You are on the right path. I am sure you bolwed her over just knowing to ask for it!!!Next get tested for PCOS, and if you have it- let Robert know because if you are treated for it WATCH OUT!!! HAHAHA

~J said...

WOW! The whole process seems quite bizarre to me...Big hugs...I hope everything comes back good on your blood work & they take care of your foot!

Thanks for stopping by FMBT today love!

Michelle said...

Oh my, this would be funny if it weren't true.
I believe I would go to a different dr.
She had you stand up on the x-ray table!?
I believe I would had fainted, I am afraid of heights.
I hope your foot gets better very soon.

Ingenue Mom said...

Wow that's crazy!! I hope your foot gets better soon! I'd definitely go back if it doesn't! But how exactly do they expect you to rest & stay off of it with 4 kids?

Anyway, I'm a new follower from FMBT & I look forward to reading more of your posts! I'd love for you to stop by my blog!


Nana (Judy) said...

I have a similar foot problem. I stepped on a buried shell at the beach & after 5 wks I went to a Podiatrist. I have a nuroma which is an inflamed nerve. I got a shot in my foot (ouch) & have to wear a funky shoe. I went back today for a follow up & got another shot & antiimflamatory meds. Look up nuroma & see if that fits your symptoms.

Pam Petrie said...

I do not know, that sounds painful to treat. maybe i will stick with my burning foot

Nana (Judy) said...

The shot hurts some but it is getting better. He told me that when I go back in 3 wks it should be 80% better. I will be getting insoles custom made (or fitted-not sure) that will keep the pressure off the nerve area. He also told me to freeze a 16 oz water bottle & roll my foot on it for 10-20 minutes a day to help also. I will trynthat tomorrow after it freezes.

Monica said...

New Follower from FMBT! Feel free to follow me back!
Cute Blog!

Truthful Mommy said...

Stopping by from FMBT! Hope you can do the same:)Happy Mothering!

Cindi said...

Happy Tuesday. Thank you for stopping by. I am following you from FMBT.
Have a great week.
Little Yayas

Rockinmomma said...

I'm a new Tuesday Follower! I love your site! Visit me at http://www.rockindeals4you.com/other/black-bean-brownies and sign up for my newest giveaways!

Sharpemedic said...

I am new to you blog but I love reading about your life, as I am a new Canadian Military Wife.

A couple of ideas, a chiropractor may be able to give you some insight, or even a registered massage therapist, if not to form a diagnosis but to rule in/rule out. Also, by law you are entilited to a second opinion, or if nothing else, the squeaky wheel gets the grease (I know, I'm in the medical field, and the patients that speak up are the ones who get better/more results). Also, taking high doses of anti-inflammatories can wreck havoc on you stomach/digestion. Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant, if it is actually muscle.

Can you tell me what FMBT is?

Sharpemedic said...

I forgot, if you are taking NSAID's (ie, motrin, generic brand anti-inflammatories), they are incompatible with pregnancies. I You mentioned you aren't but if you do become pregnant while taking them there is a risk. My two cents and I hope you get some answers for your foot......

Pam Petrie said...

she wanted me to take 2400 a day of ibuphrofen i said NO WAY, we donated my brothers liver to someone who took too much of this. I do not think people realize how bad this stuff is for you

Pam Petrie said...

I can not follow you back because I do not have a blog link

LindaMRamos said...

This is one of the reasons I sincerely can not stand going to the doctors. I went through about 4-5 years of trying to get pregant.. after Anna's birth.. and constantly being asked just tore at me. I had a sister in law that would also ask every time I was at her house.. loud, in front of people.. "So what's taking you so long?? Where is the next baby?!" Each time I had to fight back tears.

I tend to argue that I don't want to go to the doc.. and whenever I give in.. there is never anything new to hear. It is always. It will take time to heal.

As for the temp.. Mine is never normal.. it is always around 96.. Is there something to worry about?

Praying that foot starts to get better soon. That is way too long to have pain.

mannadonn said...

Ummmm...wow. I cannot even imagine how you held it together through that. I probably would have gone off on someone. I would give it a couple weeks and go back maybe?? I don't know. That just sucks. Wow.

Amundsen House of Chaos said...

Go to a different doctor. Immediately. Preferably a naturopath (can't spell that right) (tricare wont's cover it but it's worth it I promise) who specializes in thyroid disorders. They will run a Free T3, T4, TSH and a reverse T3. Don't listen to the doctors who tell you a reverse T3 is garbage. It tells the real story. Start charting your basal body temperature in the morning first thing before you get up. A good naturopath will ask you to do that before you even come in. They might even have you do a cortisol test (spit test) which will chart your stress levels 4 times over the course of the day. When the naturopath I went to put it all together he said "Wow your stresed" I laughed of course. I mean how can you have a stroke survivor for a child and not be stressed right? Anyway he looked at everything and started me on T3 because I make to little thyroid and to much t4 even though my test all came back normal. Anyway there's my $5 worth of advice. As far as the foot if it's a deep muscle bruise those take forever to heal. I have one on the palm of my hand that has never healed. It's been 13 years and every winter when I'm super cold you can still see the purple bruise and it hurts next to my wrist bone. Try not to use it as much as possible but I know that's hard. Let me know if you have questions on the naturopath and the thyroid stuff.

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