Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How To Help Me Earn a New Wallet

There are few products I really love and the main one is 31. I love 31 bags because they help keep my life organized. If you have ever been around me you know my life needs to be organized. I love 31 bags because they are so durable. I have one that I use as a diaper bag, my favorite thing about my diaper bag is that I have washed it more times that I can count. I also use my bags at the farmers market. I use a thermal bag to keep my deodorants and chap sticks in and cold drinks. I use my other bags until they are over flowing. After three years the bag has not ripped and the handles are still not holding up. I am currently having a online 31 party. My goal is to earn a new 31 wallet. My friend bought one from my last show and every time I see it I realize how user friendly it is and how it is holding up better than my current wallet that I have not had as long as hers. If you would like to see some of these amazing bags or help me reach my goal check out my party on our facebook page.


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