Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Bladder Will Loose

Sometimes life is funny. You see right this minute I am in a beautiful cabin deep in the woods ( okay maybe not too deep) with 4 other wonderful ladies. 
 It has been a amazing trip. Time to rest and talk and just be who I am with no threat of judgement. So this morning I woke up at 5:30 ( oops forgot to turn on the alarm). I came outside to enjoy the view and call my amazing husband. 
  This all sounds perfect. There is just one problem. I forgot to unlock the door when I came out. So instead of setting on the porch enjoying the view while listening to the rain fall all around me. I am setting here wondering if I could walk into the woods and go to the bathroom without falling. Because of course between my crazy bladder and the rain and the locked door I have to go potty. 
  What was I thinking? So for now I will set and enjoy the view and not move or bounce and think about the rain? What do you think , will it work? Will this mom who has delivered multiple kids and is in her fourties win or will the sound of the rain be too much for my bladder?


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