Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Letters to my Hero

Dear Rob,
I love you and miss you. Do I even need to say that? We had a good day. We got school done. I re made mozzarella sticks that came out GREAT.
I did something new and exciting today but I am not going to tell you what it was but I will give you some clues:
1. I almost had to change my undies afterwards; I guess that is what having four kids does to you.
2. Neighbors could hear me squealing
3. The houses across the street from us was staring at me
4. My legs were beyond wobbly afterwards 5 I had so much fun and cannot wait to do it again.
Can you believe a year ago tonight you had your first surgery. It seems like so long ago one minute and the other minute I can remember it like it was yesterday. Thanks for forgiving me for not being so funny the first time I changed your packing.
Thank you so much for calling today, I cannot wait to talk to you tomorrow and tell you what I did so you can laugh. Can you believe I was outside today in a tank top and pajama pants. It was so worth it?
I love you babe,


S.I.F. said...

I LOVE that you were out there jumping around with the kiddos! What a great day! Even if it did almost make you pee yourself! :) And those mozzarella sticks have MY mouth watering, so I'm sure Rob is craving them even more!

see broken angel wings said...

"We got school done." SERIOUSLY~you are teaching your children?

The rules for semicolon and using afterwards can be found easily with a google search.

The subject/verb do not agree in # 3. The verb of a sentence must agree with the subject in number and in person. If a house/houses could stare maybe neighbor/s would make more sense but please make sure the subject verb agree.

Cannot is two words. Please use can't or can not. You know you can run spell check on blogger or run firefox for 99% of your spelling errors.

When mommy's blog especially when they home school, I believe the mother should attempt to learn what they should be teaching their children. Are you seriously going to limit your children's education and future by not learning proper spelling and grammer?

Lori said...

Here, let me fix your grammar...it would be when mommies blog, not mommy's blog...and use commas, they were created for a reason


Roberta said...

SERIOUSLY??? Do you have a life?? It's hard to believe you do. Go play somewhere else. Bullies aren't allowed on this playground!!

Lucky Dimes and Dog Tags said...

Great love letters should be focused on feeling not on semicolons. If your focus is verbs and commas, it obviously has been far too long since you have loved.

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