Thursday, June 24, 2010

Letters to my Hero

Dear Rob,
I love you and am so sorry you had a bad day. I wish you were with me today when I went to the doctor and found out I had a eye infection in my good eye. Or when the cat attacked the dog several times and sent him crying in the corner. Or when Michael put a popcorn kernel in Faith’s ear and told her she would be able to grow corn. Only it got stuck in there and my mom had to dig it out with a dental pick. Or when I made spaghetti sauce and let it burn to the bottom of the pan. Or when I ran into the wall after putting the ointment into my eye.
We have not done anything all day. I tried to put a ice pack on my eye but then the cat and dog started fighting and I had to stop. I tried again but then Grace got stuck outside by herself and freaked out.
I love you so much and wish we had each other today. I wish I could just have you hug me today. I wish I could fall asleep tonight in your arms. I wish you were here because you would not have let the spaghetti sauce burn. I would not feel bad about taking a nap if you were home. You would be able to tell me how to deal with the cat dog issue today.
I wish you were here today when Grace used a whole bottle of lotion on our legs. I wish you were here to deal with the mouse I found in the garage today. I swear I feel like I am about to go nuts between seeing flees and now a mouse and then the toilet not flushing properly. I feel like I cannot keep a clean house or something.
I think we are going to the zoo tomorrow but it really depends upon how my face feels. Do you need a laugh? Hope just came in and asked if she could take a bath and I said no. then she starts crying that her butt is dirty. I thought she was going to show me. Mom was dying when she plopped her foot up on my leg and said look my foot is really dirty. Either she needs to go back to speech or I need my hearing tested. What do you think?
I love you babe, I can’t wait to have you home with us.


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