Friday, June 4, 2010

Letters to my Hero

Dear Rob,
I have a new friend. It is a boy, he has gray hair and sometimes walks with a limp but I think I am in love. Of all the men in my life he is the first to jump up on the couch to be close to me. All of them jump off things but he will jump up for me. He is the first one to sleep on my chest. I think I am in love but please do not tell anyone. No worries he will not be in my bed tonight. You know how I enjoy sleeping alone.
We had a great day. I missed talking to you and hope I catch you on line tomorrow. We went to Roberta’s to pick up her steam cleaner. I feel like a new person after having adult conversation for a hour. It was wonderful. She sent the girls home with HUGE bucket of my little pony toys. The girls spent the afternoon playing in there room. I actually laid down for about 20 minutes this afternoon. Then when I got up we got the house straightened up. I got the living room and our bedroom vacuumed and now the vacuum will not turn on. Do you have any suggestions? I did get the living room and our bedroom steam cleaned. We will see how it looks in the morning.
I do not have any real plans tomorrow other than make a cake for a friend. Make a grocery list for our trip. I also need to dust but we will see if I get to it. Maybe I will just sew all day.
How was your day today? Did you make it to the gym? What did you have for lunch? Did you receive any mail?
Can I tell you something? This little gray kitten is in my lap and all the other ones are hidden. Can I tell you something else? He has crazy hair that stands up. Oh, and one more thing. I refuse to call him by any name because I do not want to love him. I untapped his legs today, he seems to be doing much better.
I love you babe and can not wait to talk to you.
I love you babe,


MamaMonkey said...

I know that I've left this comment before, but I love that you do this!!

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