Saturday, June 5, 2010

Letters to my Hero

Dear Rob,
Thank you so much for being my husband. Emotionally I have been really good this week until tonight. I walked outside to look at the baby birds and decided to take a picture of your truck for you. I honestly stood there and touched the back of your truck for a few minutes. I do not know why, kind of silly. I guess I just know how much you love it and that made me feel closer to you.
I had a very busy day today. I made chocolate chip muffins and donut muffins and a cake (which did not turn out as pretty as I would have liked). I also made biscuits to freeze. I got the garage straightened out. The vacuum is working today but I can tell the power button is not working right.
I love you babe and hope your connection is better tomorrow.
I love you babe,


blessing said... sounded like you really miss him. Of course you do! My husband is off for about 6months for Basic and Office Candidate School and I am really just tired already of missing him. Hope u feel better!

heatheritstwinsanity said...

Here are some big hugs from another lonely wife. I'm thinking of you and praying for you tonight and hope that we both have better days tomorrow!


blessing said...

We hope to be in Virginia...we'll see!

Danielle shellhorn said...

I just want to send (hugs) your way! I seriously had a few tears! Me growing up having my father in the army always overseas its hard. My prayers will be with your family and pray your husband will return home safely!

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