Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday afternoon, I have been looking forward to Sunday afternoon for 2 weeks. I love a quiet Sunday afternoon laying on the couch. I dropped my mom off this morning after a wonderful week. We came home and within minutes Hope was back in pajamas and I was laying on the couch.
But then something crept into my brain. That sickening feeling of just how alone I am. It is weird how it hits you in waves. I was happy as can be a hour ago and now I feel like a lost person in a lonely world.
Do not worry I will be fine again in ten minutes. I just really would like everyone to know what being a Army wife it. On a side note my husband is doing well and we got to talk for almost a hour today and it was beyond wonderful.
On another side note because I am oviously feeling better now how do you spell lay. As in I am laying down because my spell check wants me to spell it lying but that looks like I am telling a lie.


mannadonn said...

I'm sorry you are feeling really lonely right now. I know it's hard to go from such a fun filled week with tons of family and friends to just being you and the kids again. I hope you start feeling better soon.

alicia rasmussen said...

Sorry girl. I've been there. The lonliness sucks. But know that there are many others in your shoes and it will not be forever, even though I'm sure that is not comforting in the moment. Hang in there. Thanks so much for dropping by my little neck of the blogosphere today. Happy to meet you. I'm a new follower here too.

alicia @ a beautiful mess

stacey said...

Sorry for the lonliness :( Hope you find some peace & joy in your day. Thank you for the strap, by the way! I have had several compliments :)

Chara Lisenbee said...

I always have problem with that word too! I dont like to be told what to do, so I say poo on you spell check, I will spell it how I want it. HA! I think it is lying down tho...who knows. Anywhoo keep your head up! Good to hear the hubby is doing well
Stay Fabulous

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