Tuesday, June 29, 2010

True Story Tuesday

I am not feeling the urge to write but I do have a couple of cute short stories about animals. We have kittens (want one) and I am trying hard to potty train. So one day last week I saw a kitten go behind the chair. I quickly picked up the cat and went running for the litter box. I felt my leg getting wet. I looked down and that little cat was urinating like a boy, it was spraying every where. I wish I would have had a camera going. My mom was visiting and saw the whole thing, I could not stop laughing at her laughing.
Ok, second story. My seven year old claims that she is the dogs mom. He sleeps with her and listens to her. He always sleeps at the end of her bed. Yesturday she was not feeling well and had a low grade fever. I walked into my room and instead of sleeping at the foot of the bed he was laying up against her. For several hours I would roll over and check on her to make sure she was not too hot. At some point I felt the dog move so I reached over and felt her and she was cool. He had stayed with her until her fever broke. It was the sweatest thing ever.


Beth Zimmerman said...

That is precious! Sounds like they share a very special relationship!

annette said...

those are sweet stories. we have lots of animals and just love them! You asked about my sond graduation, I wouldnt miss it for anything! I cant wait !! We are writing him but still dont have an address for him yet. They said we would in 7-9 days and tomorrow is day 9 so hopefully it will arrive tomorrow. Its been the longest 9 days of my life!

Kelly said...

How sweet of the dog to stay with you daughter until she was feeling better!

I bet the cat peeing was funny!

SweetsLady said...

LOL! Too funny about the kitty peeing!

What an awesome dog to stay with your daughter! They definitely have a close friendship. He knew she didn't feel well.

Rachel said...

I love those stories! The first one totally sounds like something that would happen to me!

And that dog of yours is a peach! They just have a way with kids, don't they? :)

Killlashandra said...

Ah well at least you knew the kitten had to go, too bad it was on you though. ;) And what a sweet story about the dog. Animals are often attached to those they love too.

stacey said...

We just got a kitten on Sunday, and I kept it in the bathroom (where the litter and food are) any time we were not holding or playing with him until just yesterday, when I left the door open. From his very first poop & pee, he's used the litter and has no accidents. Though for my own peace of mind, I still kept him in the bathroom over-night & will probably do so for awhile. Good luck with your new kitties! :)

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