Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What is missing in your house?

What goes missing in your house, I swear someone comes in after I am sleeping and sprinkles cereal on the clean carpet or leave out the milk. Someone takes the toothbrushes and they take toilet paper holders. does anyone else loose toilet paper holders. I should buy them in bulk. One day we are going to move something and there are going to be 25 toilet paper holders. Currently our kitchen scissors and our can opener are missing. I mean REALLY where do these things go. I could understand when candy goes missing or my special scissors. But where is the butter, okay I found it in the girls room. Can someone find my can opener. If you have ever had a pampered chef can operner you know you can not go back.
What about the cleaner for the floor, where did it go. We searched in the cleaning cabinet, we checked again and again because Rob knew he left it on the counter. So WHERE IS IT? oooh I know, my son put it above the stove with the flour. He said that way it would be out of grace's reach.
What about the baby wipes, we have several containers of them, so again I ask WHERE ARE THEY?
If you know where any of these things are can you help me. We are also missing several of my favorite shirts for Grace. HELP


Melly said...

This happens in my house ALL the time. We always lose the wipes. How do you lose wipes when you have four children under four? You'd think with six boxes around you could find some easily.

I think my children move things around just to confuse me...

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