Monday, October 26, 2009

Not me monday

I wish I would have kept my list going this week. Because What a list it would be. Let me start by saying thanks for reading our blog. It is so much fun working on it.
So this week, I did not stay in the same shirt for 2 days. I know gross but it was so comfortable and every time I went to get in the shower something would happen. My daughter, my precious 3 year old (OOOPS, still refusing to admitt she is 4) did not get upset with me because I was not wearing a bra.
Because I am so organized and on top of things there is no way I still have 3 pampered chef orders setting next to my door that have been setting there for a week.
my husband and I did not make the world's yummiest pumpkin cake for my husbands work and then decide to keep it at home for us because it was soo good.
Because I am such a good mom I would never let my girls take longer than needed to clean there room just so I could take more and more toys from them.
I did not encourage my son and husband and son to stay out in the cold to collect money for boyscouts, not because I am dedicating to the cause but because the house was so quiet and I was enjoying that, I would never do this.
Since my husband knows how much I want more kids he did not in front of my kids say "if you get rid of one kid you can replace them" we then did not enjoy hearing them try to decide who should go
I was not truelly debating taping my daughters mouth shut this week when she could not stop singing near school, i would never have these thoughts because for one I enjoy hearing it and 2 that is illegal.
For my chilren,
We did not hear the craziest things from our childrens mouths this week. I would never hear these words in my mouth
Prove it, Stop singing, your singing sounds like a dying cat (i am wondering how they know what a dying cat sounds like)
Dad, michael just put toothpaste in Faith's nose
When I grow up, I want to have 2 bra's and a mixer just like you (surely there a better things I do to make her want to be like me)
Last night my daughter did not admitt with a smile on her face that she had a bowel movement in the bath tub. surely she would not, especially after we praised her for going a whole day in panties.
after being a pin cushion for years, Grace's goal is to be a nurse so she can give shots

Okay, I want to hear what flew out of your mouth this week, what your child said, I need to feel normal so PLEASE, PLEASE leave me a message so I know I have not lost it.


Traci Michele said...

OH MY! What a week you "didn't have"! And you probably forgot to add stuff too! God Bless You :-) Had those weeks for sure! Nice to meet you.

Feel free to stop by my neck of the blogging woods and see what I've "not been" up to.


Sandy said...

Great post! I enjoyed my visit to your blog. Cute kids!

Unknown said...

Great post....Loved the replacing a child comment..was great...did they decide who would go?

Summer Willard said...

Hey there!Your Not Me Monday was SO funny! I loved it! I wanted to share with you my blog that I have created. I'm going to be doing some giveaways in the near future, so I'm letting fellow MckMama readers know about it so that you can follow my blog and be part of the fun! Thanks!!

Pink Slippers said...

HApPy NoT Me MonDay!


Mindi said...

OMG your post is so funny! I loved the story about poo. My son is aways saying things about poo. Constantly. They saw weird off the mark things too! Have a great Monday! :)

Cheryl said...

The main reason I look forward to Mondays is to see what "not me" posts you have blogged :) love normal and so funny...thanks Pam!

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