Friday, March 14, 2014

Feeling Beachie + Some

The statements: 1. Saying __your treating them wrong__ is __easy for me__for me, especially when I hear someone being mean to someone because of their race, age or disability. 2. I am _a smiler__ by nature. Not always good because I will smile at male or female. 3. If I stay in a hotel it must have _free breakfast and a indoor pool.__ 4. If someone gave me _a restaurant kitchen and unlimited food and a dish washer__ I would bake for the whole town and not stop smiling. Okay, I do not normally do this but I want to explain some answers. 1. If I hear you talking ill about a parent because of how there child with a disability is acting I am going to speak up. Yesterday, I was in line at the grocery store and a older man was paying for his food. Something happened and he requested $50 back by accident. The cashier was beyond rude. She told him several times he must have hit something, she looked at me and another elderly lady and said “I need to go home now” and made a point of letting us know that she would have to suspend his order and re do it. I am sure she wanted us to complain. So honestly, I can give her the benefit of doubt that maybe she was having a hard day. Then it was my turn and she was nice as can be. NOT HAPPENING, you are not going to be rude to someone because of age or race and then be nice to me. I am no better than anyone else. So I ………. Well it does not matter but don’t be hateful to others. 2. I do love to smile at other people. I think it brightens there day. The funny thing is I do not have a pretty smile and I often do not smile in pictures. The other thing is when someone smiles at me first I do not know how to act. I was at the gym the other day and a much older man smiled at me. I then avoided eye contact with him. Okay and lastly, 4 can someone please let me bake all day. Oh the yumminess I would make. I would stock my freezer, I would bake so many meals to give to others. I would make all new recipes of cookies and cakes that I have been scared to make in fear of it not turning out.
Feeling Beachie


retired not tired said...

I am with you on your answer to #1. I have even stopped parents in the Mall when they yell at their young children. I tell them to get down on their knees and see the world through their children's eyes. ( All they see is fat asses)

irel said...

When I was younger a lot pf people thought I was a snob so I eventually learned how to smile a lot! I don't go for higher roads.. when somebody is rude to me? I eventually show them how rude I can be.

Anonymous said...

I love these answers! I can agree with the treating people right and fairly. Oh, and come on over, I will let you bake!

Hilary said...

I love that you smile by nature…. How horrible that she was so rude!

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