Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Homemade Caramels

I love Pinterest and work hard to try the things I pin. I found a recipe for caramels and decided to make them for small group. I bought everything and then found out small group was cancelled. Everything else can be put on hold but since I had the heavy whipping cream I decided I should go ahead and make them. And because I did not want to waste half a can of evaporated milk I decided to double the recipe. Now I just have to find someone to give all these caramels to. I actually realized after making this recipe that came from I heart naptime I followed the recipe to a T. Exact I changed the temp from 232 to 240. They sat up perfectly. I am struggling to not eat them all in one day. I need to go get mini boxes so I can give them out as gifts. My next goal is to make chocolate caramels. I will admit that it takes a long time and while I read that I did not believe it. I stirred that pot for over a hour. Actually I kind of enjoyed it because my baby girl stayed with me the entire time. It was nice to have time together even if it was after bedtime.


Jen said...

Oh how I want to eat all of these!!! :)

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