Thursday, March 27, 2014

Feeling Beachie

The statements: 1. I love to _lay in bed and snuggle under warm blankets__in the ___evening right before bed because it helps me relax.__________ 2. I __bake and cook ___a lot when I’m _stressed, it gives me a way of keeping my hands and mind busy______ 3. My least favorite household chore is _folding laundry, because then it has to be put away. And if I put it away then I straighten the drawers and straighten the closets.______-/li> 4. When I walk through the ice cream aisle at the supermarket, I think __three things, one I should try to make that flavor, two I know if I eat ice cream I am going to get sick and three I need to freeze more bananas so I can make my own ice cream_____
Feeling Beachie


Hilary said...

I actually like folding laundry!

Anonymous said...

Laundry is my favourite chore, because i find it so satisfying! Ice cream amazes me that there are so many flavours, and most are "too much"!

LA Botchar said...

ugh - folding laundry too. It seems it ends up right back in the laundry basket the very next day. or, if I am really good mom and clean ALL the clothes - I can't fit everything back in the too small drawers. So really, I have to slack a little bit: it's just good organization really. LOL

retired not tired said...

I freeze my bananas because they make my banana muffins taste better. Would love it ice cream as well.

ImagesByCW | OceanDreamIllustration said...

I like to bake and cook, too, when I am stressed. It really does help to calm down again. And folding laundry - why did I not think of it?! I guess, because I was only allowed one answer to that question - LOL

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