Friday, May 27, 2011

5 Question Friday

1. Do you apologize to your kids? All the time, when I have a bad day, when I do not do what I said I would.

2. What color are your nails right now? French tip for fingernails and pink for toes. I keep a French tip for my nails

3. When you were growing up, how difficult was it for you to stay home from school sick? (As in, did you have to vomit or just say "I don't feel good".) Super easy, honestly I think my mom preferred me being home. It did not take anything to have a excuse to stay home. But I did not miss often; I chose to go to school
4. When is the last time you bought a new comforter for your bed?
I made my first quilt a few months ago, normally every few years. I love to change things up.
5. Favorite website(s)? Let me think, websites not blogs. I love USAA, it is our bank and they ROCK. I also love swagbucks because I earn giftcards.


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