Sunday, May 8, 2011

You look old

Today is mother’s day and I am in a giggly mood. Actually I have been beyond angry recently. Like scary angry. It is a reaction to some medicine I had on Thursday. For the sake of my marriage and children it needs to get out of my system soon. So in my quest to control my anger this weekend I have been tested. Several snide remarks that are just crazy. I mean honestly I could be mad at you for the color of your shirt or the smile on your face but these comments were bad.
But today has taken the cake. First my beautiful daughter woke up and came to my lap. I decided that it was best to take a few minutes to snuggle even though we needed to get ready for church. While she was snuggling she told me how big my eye balls are. She went on and on about how big my eyes are. So I get to church and a nice lady asked me how I was feeling? She then proceeded to tell me that I have looked exhausted recently. So a few minutes ago I got a phone call from someone else. This person said someone from church wants to start babysitting for me. That the person thought I needed a break and looked tired. I did not know rather to laugh or cry. Honestly, I am doing well and do not feel exhausted. So maybe I was a little cranky yesterday but I think I have been normal recently.
So how was your mother’s day? Mine is ending well. We took the kids to the movies to see Mars needs mom. Silly movie but my hero made my day when he said that Mars would take me for sure and all of my children agreed. At church I had three people praise me on my children. The caterer even commented on helpful they are. I am not a boastful person but it did make me feel good.


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