Sunday, May 22, 2011


1. My girls are cleaning up right now, I conned them into cleaning up before Awana. It is our last one of the year. I am kind of bummed because I missed the adult Bible Study. All though I am excited to have our Sunday evenings at home.
2. My boys went camping and canoeing with boy scouts this weekend. My son had to hike 10 miles and was not happy about it. I told my husband when it is time to do the 20 mile hike he should not tell him about it until they are 10 miles out.
3. This was a strange weekend. I normally do not mind being home alone but Friday night I had a weird ADT guy knock on the door (ADT assures me they were legit). Then a teenager that I am pretty sure was high knocked on my door to mow my grass. I promised myself that the next time someone knocked on the door I was opening it with a gun in my hand.
4. My girls are getting taller. Last spring I got on a kick of making them skirts and now every time they put them on I am seeing more and more knee. I am kind of excited because they are fun to make and now I can make more.
5. This pay day we have spent a ton of money eating out. I cannot believe how fast it can drain a checking account.
6. This week my girls attended our last American Heritage Girls meeting with this troop. I have to be honest and say I am sad and excited to be going to a new troop. I think the new troop will be great but I hate leaving a troop without feeling completely at peace about everything.
7. Is it normal that my ten year old can bend her knees fifty times and each time you hear them popping? It is so weird.
8. Pamela
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Rachel said...

 I'm with you on people knocking on my doors -- not one of my favorite things. It might be if it was Ed McMahon {spelling} with all that money. But a crazy ADT guy and teen? No thank you!

Those kids of ours grow! Too fast.

Have a wonderful Monday!

Kerin Lee said...

I went to Awana when I was in high school (my church had it for the older youth also) and I really miss it! Something I should probably get my munchkins into but wouldn't have a way to go back and forth.

I enjoyed reading your blog this Monday and I am now a follower :)
God Bless!


carissa graham said...

awana brings back such sweet memories.  i grew up with it and am convinced it played a major role in my walk!  

never open the door when you're alone at night!!!  seriously, door-to-door salesmen creep me out.  

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