Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The day the Earth shook

Okay while my picture does not have pictures like she does on Once Upon a miracle. I have a similar story.
Let me start by saying I have a crazy bruise on my leg. I remember a mosquito bite close by but nothing that would cause a bruise. Then last Monday I got out of the van and the door hit my shoulder. It hurt but I could not really complain because there was no bruise. All week it hurt, I hurt in silence. Finally on Saturday a bruise showed up. It is a long thin narrow bruise and I am proud of it.
Okay so onto my story for the week. Let’s see about 9 years ago I went to the park with ladies from my MOPS group. I took a friend who was pregnant with twins. She had not been to MOPS before. So we arrive and set up our lawn chairs. The kids were running and playing. The playground had a zip line. At some point one of the teenage boys came over and asked the mom’s if they would do the zip line. Everyone declined, well everyone but me. He assured me it did not take upper body strength. So off I go. I took off across the zip line and guess what? I FELL!!!!! I did not just fall, I thudded, and the earth shook. No problem except the ground was covered in teeny tiny little rock pebbles. Luckily we had a nurse there who followed me to the bathroom and helped dig out these little pebbles. They were in the tops of my feet, in my knees and up and down my arms. I declined going to the hospital. I did however decide I should go home. So we left, I dropped my friend off at her house and went home. For the next couple of days I crawled through my house in pain. Wondering if I had broke every bone in my body. I have a habit of falling. I have a habit of not telling anyone when I am hurt. Next week I will tell you about my first injury in Preschool and how I did not tell anyone. I may even tell you about laying half naked in my son’s bathroom a couple of years ago because I fell.


Rachel said...

OOOOH that sounds so painful!  I wouldn't have even known what to do to keep from crying in front of the MOPS group!  YEOWCH!  So sorry, I feel your pain!  Too funny that you have random bruises like me too!

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